ADSHIELD® Fights the Battle against Radiator Tube Erosion

Some work sites are like a war zone. Your radiator is constantly under attack by flying debris (airborne grit) as air passes through it.

The face of the radiator core takes the brunt of this grit blasting effect which will eventually erode away the fins and penetrate through the exposed tube walls. Tube wall penetration will require a radiator replacement or repair to get your machinery functioning properly again.

ADRAD has developed an ingenious design called ADSHIELD®. It involves an integrated extra layer of material that protects the tube walls from erosion plus stronger construction and anti corrosion treatment, so the radiator can last much longer.

A normal radiator has exposed tube walls. These are typically 0.178mm thick and will eventually wear through when subjected to ongoing impact from airborne debris and grit.

ADSHIELD® is a unique fin design (provisional patent filed) that creates an arrangement of tiny shields that cover the normally exposed tube wall. The ADSHIELD® cores also uses thicker (0.254mm) tube material for extra durability.

2.4 x Effective Tube Thickness
The unique tube shielding fin construction creates an effective tube material thickness that is 2.4 TIMES that of a normal core and fin edge thickness 2.0 TIMES that of a normal core. This armour-like protection means the ADSHIELD® core has improved ability to withstand attack from fl ying debris which will result in significantly longer service life and lower radiator maintenance costs.

Using solder dipped steel fin material gives the ADSHIELD® core greatly enhanced corrosion resistance for extra durability. This makes ADSHIELD® a cost-effective defence against both radiator tube erosion and corrosion.

2 x Thick Fully Bonded Hemmed Fin
The ADSHIELD® core also features a fully bonded hemmed fin (the fin edge is folded back on itself) which doubles the edge thickness – giving the face of the radiator increased strength for protection against larger debris which may impact on the face of the radiator core.

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