Adrad is proud to be the manufacturer of quality aluminium cooling products in Australia at our Currumbin based facility on the Gold Coast. Aluminium cooling products have been manufactured at this facility since 1996 making it the longest established Aluminium Radiator and Intercooler manufacturing plant in Australia.

At Adrad we are proud to be able to offer off-the-shelf and made-to-order complete aluminium radiator assemblies. These units are designed and manufactured to ensure optimal performance, durability, appearance and ease of fitment.

We have on offer more than 130 catalogued units and if a particular vehicle is not listed, we can manufacture a performance aluminium radiator to suit – all we require is a sample or detailed drawing.

Our 3 most common aluminium radiator core thicknesses are 40mm, 56mm and 73mm.

Typical uses for these core configurations:-

  • 40mm is used for a large percentage of mid range performance 4 cyl applications including turbo.
  • 56mm can be used for high to extreme 4 cyl performance vehicles, 6 and 8 cyl vehicles up to approximately 500hp (street and circuit use
  • 73mm core is typically used for extreme horse power applications where maximum cooling is required.

Key features of Adrad’s Aluminium Water Cores:-

  • Hemmed fin which doubles the thickness of the fin, adding strength to the face of the core for durability.
  • Dimple tube option available – the dimple in the tube helps to turbulate the water flow resulting in improved cooling.
  • Stepped cores are available in a number of configurations – stepped cores enable air to flow freely through the core due to the unique angled design.

Tube and Fin Charge Air Cores & Oil Cooler Cores:-

  • Adrad’s extruded Charge Air Core and Oil Cooler tube provides strength and performance for most applications. Oil Coolers can be used in applications up to 100psi.

Of course the “best radiators” also require air flow, so it is imperative that high quality, high air flow fans are used to maximise cooling.

Adrad aluminium radiator, intercooler and oil cooler cores are used in a wide variety of applications including:-

Motor cycles, Show and Shine Street Cars, Modified Street Cars (Muscle Cars), Drag Cars, Speedway, Drift Cars, V8 Supercars, Trucks, Buses, Earthmoving, and Snow Mobiles in the USA and Canada.

Whether a street car, truck, commercial or agricultural vehicle, OEM vehicle manufacturers are striving for more fuel efficiency and more horsepower than previous models resulting in much higher demands on a vehicles cooling system.

To achieve fuel efficiency and increased horsepower many vehicle builders are endeavouring to increase the aerodynamic design of the body and reduce weight. On top of that, increased exhaust emission standards mean that the manufacturers are turning to lighter, smaller (in some cases) and more efficient aluminium radiators for their cooling system solutions.

Adrad is the Australian distributor for Koyo K-sport full Aluminium Performance Radiators.

Koyo Radiators provide 20% to 30% more cooling than standard radiators so as to handle high revving, high performance engines. Koyo Radiators are the perfect solution for Turbo Charged, Super Charged and Nitros Oxide equipped engines.

The Key features of Koyo Radiators:-

  • Koyo Mirror Finish – All aluminium surfaces are buffed before boxing to a brilliant shine
  • Standard 53mm core thickness means added cooling for high performance vehicles
  • Radiator mounting in line with OEM specifications – All Koyo race radiators are specifically designed and built for each application. This allows both standard and performance fans to be used ensuring correct fit – just like the original!


Koyo Radiators are on the cutting edge of technology and design.

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